Thursday, February 28, 2013

39 Facts: Step by Step

39 Facts & Figures about The 39 Steps

    1.    The 39 Steps was Peggy Ashcroft’s second film
    2.    Robert Donat was affectionately known as the Monte Cristo man
    3.    One of the film's major motifs is the confining, sexually-frustrating institution of marriage.
    4.    North by Northwest (1959) is widely considered Hitchcock’s "American Thirty-Nine Steps."
    5.    John Buchan’s official title was First Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield, Oxfordshire
    6.    Hitchcock’s film was remade twice both in the UK: The Thirty-Nine Steps (1959), d. Ralph Thomas and The Thirty-Nine Steps (1978), d. Don Sharp
    7.    The 1978 version starred Robert Powell as Hannay.
    8.    The 39 Steps is only one of Buchan’s several works that feature the character Richard Hannay.
    9.    Madeleine Carroll from the Hitchcock film was the first in a notorious line of Hitchcock's female stars that later included Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren.
    10.    At the old Wembley Stadium, 39 steps needed to be climbed to reach the Royal Box and collect a winner’s trophy
    11.    The 1959 version of The 39 Steps has by far the most location filming of any of the three versions of the movie. Filming took place over a large portion of central Scotland albeit mostly in the Trossachs area.
    12.    The 39 Steps was Hitchcock’s first film with a classic theme that he modelled repeatedly for the remainder of his career.
    13.    Trains are a major theme in Hitchcock’s films: The Lady Vanishes, Strangers on a Train, Sabotage, North By Northwest and The 39 Steps.

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